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Top 10 Best Play Station 4 Game Of 2019 | Tech Multan

The world of PlayStation games gets more innovative and exciting every year, it  has been no different; the year has seen the rise of amazing games that promise to be great for many years to come. With very many games entailing different features, some games have received a better reception than others.
Several games have outdone the rest in the creativity of features and storylines. We rank the top 10 best PlayStation 4 games in 2019 based on their views on Amazon.

10. Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a PlayStation 4 game made by Sony. In this game, the player has to make many choices, most of which are impossible. It features amazing and terrifying graphics, designed to shock at every move. The game has incredible and horrifying storylines created by professional cult directors.

The game involves eight friends who are trapped together in a mountain retreat. It is clear that they are not alone. One can play as any of the eight characters. Any decision the player makes could mean life or death of any of the characters.

9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This is a dark fantasy tale from Warner brothers. The game stars Geralt, a resident from the northern kingdoms, who has to protect the world from an ancient threat while saving his loved ones. Every action a player takes changes the story and the world of the game.

In the game one gets to explore different towns, journey through many war-torn kingdoms, sail in untamed Isles and slay legendary creatures. At the beginning of the game, one is offered an incredible cinematic introduction. It clearly demonstrates the background of the game which immediately puts one in the story’s realm.

8. Horizon Zero Dawn

This is a game where one gets to experience machines in a lush Post-Apocalyptic World. Horizon Zero Dawn is developed by Sony and it entails a collision of high-tech machines and nature. In a world filled with mysterious buildings and ancient leftovers, the player must unearth many secrets so as to understand the past. As  Aloy, the player has to overcome the strength of the machines which are his enemies.

He has to use a lot of intelligence and skill to survive in this world.  The play world is endowed with a beautiful nature consisting of detailed forests and mountains. The nature designs are bound to excite the player at every change of the weather system.

7. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This is a very photorealistic PlayStation 4 game. Created by Konami, it features an open-world game design. It allows players the freedom to approach different missions as the game progresses. The game’s story is set in 1984 after the soviet’s invasion of Afghanistan.

It stars Snake’ a one-eyed man had been in a coma for several years. When he wakes up, he must rescue his former partner who is being held by Soviet forces. He is accompanied by a friend – Ocelot’ who had earlier saved him. This rescue mission ends up involving the whole world.

6. Batman: Arkham Knight

Warner Home Video brings Batman back to action in this game. This is one of Scarecrow nightmare missions. He takes charge of Gotham city, and it is Batman’s task to save it. This is a game that enhances Batman’s abilities in many aspects. As Batman the player moves around the city with the Batmobile, flying through the skyline while fighting and preventing terror from Scarecrow’s army.

Gotham City has been designed with intimate detail that gives the player a cinematic experience. The batmobile is enhanced to with many features and is made to be drivable in every part of the city. It can also transform from a high-speed ride to a military grade fighting machine.

5. Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is created by Square Enix. This is a very action oriented PlayStation 4 game where players are made to perform various stunts and actions. There is an open environment that a player can freely explore and roam about. He can decide to walk or move around with an airship, car or a famed Chocobo. It stars a prince – Noctis, who sets out on a journey to marry Luna.

He is accompanied by his three best friends. On the way, his kingdom is invaded by another empire. With this attack, he is unable to contact Luna or his father, King Regis. He must use his weaponry skills, and magic power from his ancestors to fight the enemies and beasts.

4. Bloodborne

From Sony, Bloodborne is an action-oriented PlayStation 4 game. It is set in a terrifying world with angry mobs and scary creatures. The aim of the game is to take down some powerful forces that guard the darkest secrets of a horrific gothic city. The player has to go through ruins and tunnels filled with beasts and traps.

The routes also contain many rewards if one survives. The player is armed with a unique arsenal consisting of effective weapons like guns and saw cleavers. The player needs a lot of strategies, wits and reflexes. One can choose to conquer the city alone or with other people.

3. FallOut 4

Fallout 4 promises to provide the next generation of open-world gaming. The makers – Bethesda, have said that this is their most ambitious game ever. It is set in a world which has been destroyed by a nuclear war.

The player is the only survivor of Vault 111. It is his task to make important choices that will determine the fate of the land. His main aim is to rebuild the world. He however faces many challenges inform of factions that are vying for power, tough landscapes and even threats from radiation.

2. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

From Sony, this is one of the most story oriented and exhilarating games. The game stars Nathan Drake who is a retired fortune hunter. He is forced back to the business and sets on a journey around the world to uncover a historical conspiracy pertaining to a fabled pirate treasure.

Its faces many physical challenges and tough decisions entailing what he should sacrifice to save his loved ones. Drake must use the power of supernatural mysticals, sidekicks and a grappling hook to bring down enemies.

1. The last of Us Remastered

Sony is the maker of this highly rated dramatic game. This is one of the best PlayStation 4 games ever. When a person plays it, it will be obvious to see the reason it has won over 200 games of the year awards. It is set in a world that has been swept of civilization by a pandemic. The characters in the game include infected humans and survivors who kill each other for weapons and food.

The game stars Joel who is hired to smuggle out a small girl Ellie. Starting out as a small task, it ends up being a dangerous and adventurous journey across the U.S. The game entails a lot of thrills and dramatic conflicts that get the player emotionally connected to the game. The gaming experience is enhanced by cinematic commentary that is usually given by the cast or the creative director.

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