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Top 10 Best Google Adsense Alternatives Of 2019 | Tech Multan

Google Adsense

Top 10 Google Alternatives 2019 Updated
Google Adsense is the most used ad network for webmasters and one of the highest paid leagues. If you haven't used Adsense, you can't imagine the difference between Google Adsense and its alternatives. If you've used Adsense on your blog or website, you can understand why it's the best ad network in the world. That's why more than 2 million publishers use Adsense. Although Adsense has a very high usage rate and evaluation, one thing that disappoints most bloggers is that Adsense's account is really difficult to get approval because Google has some strict rules and standards for the approval of Adsense accounts, which is why Google Adsense has only 20% publisher acceptance rate. Adsense has zero tolerance for copyright and invalid/spam activity. If they find any unnatural activity or a large amount of data collected on your site, your account may be closed or blocked by Adsense. However, because of Adsense's high standards of entry barriers, many bloggers want to monetize their blogs, but they don't get a Google Adsense account, or some bloggers are prohibited or disabled by Google Adsense for violating Adsense guidelines. If you're working hard to get an Adsense account approval or have been banned from using Adsense, I recommend using a different alternative to Google Adsense. This is what I want to bring to you today. In addition to Adsense, you can use some profitable advertising alliances to realize the monetization of your website. Of course, whether it is Adsense or other things you want to recommend today. The alliance is worthy, they are always more suitable for English traffic, who let Europe and the United States enter the Internet earlier than us! Check Also: Best Blogger SEO Templates

1. Media.Net is a contextual ad network supported by the Yahoo&Bing network, which I consider to be the best alternative to Google Adsense, which is why it ranks first among the top 10 Google Adsense alternatives. Media is the first official league to play the Internet Advertising Alliance. I started to build a website in 2010 and registered my own Media Network account in 2012. At that time, the entry threshold was relatively low. is a high-quality advertising network, and the amount paid is relatively high. But it is said that the approval of is not easy now. Mainly they need high-quality blog content and a large amount of traffic from major countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom to obtain approval for the account.
Minimum payment of $100
Payment method PayPal and wire transfer


Infolinks is a text-linked ad network that provides six types of ad folding, within text, within tags, within boxes, within screens, and within articles (advanced ad units).
Where in-text and in-fold are the most popular ad units. Infolinks is a great choice for Google Adsense, and of course it can be used with your Google Adsense, but bloggers have low English traffic on their blogs, blogs are not used, I use Adsense and Infolinks in another English site, but that The English station has a short time on the line, and the income is really low. I will consider Infoliks in a while.
But if your website has a lot of traffic, it's a great alternative to Adsense. But if your blog has less traffic, then it's not your best choice. Putting it in the second position is entirely because his popularity is slightly better than the latter ones, but if you really do, then recommend the other homes below.
Minimum payment of $50
Payment methods PayPal, ACH, Payoneer and paxum


I have already mentioned Exoclick in my previous article. His products are more inclined to adult content advertisements, so it is not suitable for all webmasters. In foreign countries, this is a very good advertising network. I have seen it on many Korean movie websites. After advertising in his home, I actually touched Exoclick a few years ago. At that time, my beauty photo station was often told by Adsense that it contained adult pornography, mainly beautiful pictures. Some bikini pictures may be adultish in Adsense. Later, I went to Adsense Advertising to find the ExoClick Alliance. At that time, many people in China used ExoClick to launch some CPA online earning projects, including Black Five products. For example, it is still common to increase the thickening products, etc. At that time, I was in my own The picture station hung up their home advertisement and earned a sum of money. At that time, their home collection also supported Payoneer. Now they can only use Paypal to collect money, but then my photo station was blocked by traffic, and now every day. Only about 10 knives of income, but very stable, so still still recommend their family alliance! I feel great about the pop-up ads on their mobile phones!
Note: His family also has regular advertisements, such as advertising products for download stations, but it is not very friendly to Google SEO, but then again, I have eaten instant noodles, still care about health, beauty photo stations or video stations are also advertised. Don't worry too much about SEO, my 10-stable website hasn't paid any attention to SEO anymore.


Chitika is also a good alternative to Adsense. It provides instant approval, which means your ad application doesn't have to wait for approval. Simply create an account on Chitika and advertise on your website, and you can change the color and text of your ad. The reason why they recommend this product is because they can pay a minimum of 10 dollars. Although I have more websites, most of the websites have less traffic. Those who want to settle for 100 dollars don’t know. For a small-flow website to wait for the Year of the Monkey, another point is that their home also supports Payoneer settlement.
The Chitika Advertising Network displays relevant ads on your website to help you get more clicks. Chitika also offers a referral program to earn extra income.
Minimum payment of $10
Payment method Payoneer


Viglink is a different type of ad network than other Adsense alternatives that adds new affiliate links to blog posts or converts existing links in affiliate links. With Viglink, you will make money through affiliates. They have superb natural language processing (NLP) technology and directly add links to the corresponding keywords in the article. I feel very comfortable with and product evaluation websites because I Several English websites are not evaluated, so the conversion of keyword advertisements is relatively small. If you are strongly recommended by or product evaluation, this is really a cool advertising model!
It is the best choice for e-commerce sites that sell products and sites that write products.
Minimum payment of $10
Payment method Paypal


Adsterra is a great advertising network that can monetize your blog. It offers high CPM rates and offers different types of ads and ad units. If you have good traffic, you can use it on your own blog. However, bloggers feel that they are too easy to use when registering their accounts. They don't like the advertising management background of their home. I won’t introduce too much here. If you are interested, you can register your own brush traffic.
Minimum payment of $100
Payment method PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin,


BuySellAds It is a platform for connecting with publishers and advertisers. After you publish the ad slot, the advertiser directly searches for the website they want to serve. This is a novelty. I have already blogged on many foreigners. I saw this platform recommended, I suggest you try it. But bloggers, I don't know why, IP has never registered me for their account, tragedy!
BuySellAds is used for direct advertising, but it charges a 25% transaction fee.
BuySellAds account approval is a bit of a condition, and your website must have at least 50,000 page impressions to get an approved account. This may be a bit difficult for most people to achieve, but the impression can be brushed. I don’t say anything. what! The account is blocked and responsible for it!
Minimum payment of $20
Payment method Paypal, check, wire transfer

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